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Marathi Play “Selfie” – Sanand Nyas

सेल्फी – सानंद न्यास की प्रस्तुति ३ -४ ऑक्टोबर २०१५ इंदौर 

दिनांक ३ को ४ बजे से दाते समूह

दिनांक ३ को ७  बजे से राहुल बारपुते समूह

दिनांक ४  को १० बजे से मामा मजूमदार समूह

दिनांक ४  को ४  बजे से वसंत  समूह

दिनांक ४  को ७ बजे से बहार  समूह


The play ‘Selfie’ will be staged by Sanand Nyas on October 3 and 4 for five groups of audiences at the USS auditorium located at DAVV premises on Khandwa Road.

According to Subhash Deshpande and Jayant Bhise, the play revolves around the story of five women and answers the questions on life, while seeking happiness, solutions, peace, wellness and satisfaction.

Sukanya Kulkarni, Sonali Pandit, Shilpa Navalkar, Rishjuta Deshmukh and Poorva Gokhale play the lead roles in the play, produced by Ajit Bhure and Hemant Takle. The play is written by Shilpa Navalkar and music is scored by Parikshit Bhatkhande and Prakash Talpade. Costumes are by Urvashi Thakre and Mitali Borude, makeup by Sharad Sawant, while background dialogues are by Pradeep Mule.

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