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Business Incubation Center by AKVN Indore

“SRIJAN” – A business Incubation center for the young upcoming talent and entrepreneur of the city is being started by AKVN Indore. 

इंदौर के प्रतिभावान छात्रों, युवा उद्यमी और आई टी/ इलेक्ट्रोनिक्स और टेक्नोलॉजी प्रोफेशनल्स के लिए बिजनेस इन्क्यूबेशन सेंटर “सृजन” – इंदौर ए के वी एन का सराहनीय प्रयास –  

Office in IT park with international infrastructure @ 2500/- Per month !!!!

Yes Its true …

MP AKVN, Indore has created a 35 seater IT Incubation Center at Crystal IT Park, Khandwa Road, Indore to promote I.T. Students and start-ups, young IT entrepreneurs. AKVN will provide Modern IT Infrastructural setup to support young & upcoming talent of Madhya Pradesh to support Digital India campaign.

The incubation center is proposed to be commenced in this month only. At the proposed IT Incubation Center, AKVN will facilitate to nurture the development of technology based and knowledge driven companies/startups/Individuals which will help them to survive and grow during the start-up period by providing

: 1. An integrated package of work space, shared office services, access to specialized equipment.

2. Value added services like management assistance, business planning, technical assistance and internet services.

Kumr Purushottam, MD, AKVN INDORE

MD Kumar Purushottam, a man with a vision , said that MP govt. is always pro towards the channeling the regional talent for the betterment of the state as well as committed to provide the govt. machinery as support to entrepreneurship.

Normally due to lack of infrastructure startup culture is not coming up in a speed in Indore, to boost this process we are acting as a catalyst  and providing international level infrastructure to Students, young talents and entrepreneurs of the city. 

Subsidized Tariffs : 

For Start ups

Rs. 2500 Per Month Per Seat

Rs. 5000 Per Month Three Seats

Rs. 10000 Per Month Five Seats

For Students and Daily Users

Rs. 250 Per day Per Seat  Rs. 1000 Per Month Per Seat

Rs. 100 Per Day Per Seat

Kumar Purshottam, MD,  had already taken several meetings with Indore based IT companies, experts to make sure that this effort must go in the right direction. 

Mr D.L Goyal who is coordinating this project for AKVN and had been associating with applicants and people directly said this effort is first of its kind in this state. 


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