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Deval’s World of Metal …Indore’s Young Talent

Metal Man from Indore ….

At the age of 23 yrs he has his installation at “Harley Davidson” Yes ! your are reading “Harley Davidson” …..

Deval Verma, a young talent from Indore and going to shine to the world map soon….

He  was born in Indore on September 24th 1991. Completed his schooling from St. Paul H.S. School and then pursued his mechanical engineering from S.D. Bansal College of Technology, Indore. Right now Deval is doing his PG  from MIT Institute of design,Pune  in Product Design. He started working with metal when he was in 11th standard in 2008. He always use to get fascinated by metal and collect unique parts. One day he suddenly assembled all of the parts he was having and came out with a shape of a motorbike. Deval took it forward and created many more motorbikes. This unique work of deval was recognized then by several Indore newspaper.

Deval says to Oh Indore : “A major turn came in my work when I worked as a fabrication head in my college SAE Baja team. I started working with bigger parts with welding them. After completing my graduation I started this professionally. I refused my placement offer and went forward with my passion. Then I designed and fabricated some tables, wall arts and other sculptures for my clients.

Here are the list of Deval’s reputed clients-

  1. Tiger Harley Davidson, Indore.
  2. Dunes Harley Davidson, Jaipur.
  3. Café Torque, New Delhi.
  4. RR Automobiles (Royal Enfield), Indore.
  5. Velocity multiplex, Indore.
  6. Bindal equipments, Indore.
  7. Saurabh Malviya catch light (Meghdoot studio), Indore.

And few more personnel.

Deval’s Plan :8

My next aim is to establish my name in the same field. To club the fundamentals of designs with that of an art and to come up with something new. To experiment more with metal scrap and to fuse other materials with it. To create things that the world has never seen before and further to convey message through it for the betterment of the society.

You can Contact Deval at :

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