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VIP Car No. sold @ 9.63 Lakhs in Indore

INDORE LATEST NEWS – VIP No. or Vanity No. Bid done  in Indore 

Indore is Famous for its people and their records… is another….

Its not the price of a car dear readers..Indore has made another record in spending a huge amount only for the Luxury car RTO Registration no “Car No. Plate”.

VIP No “0001” is sold at 9.63 Lakhs on 1st October 2015  by a company called “Vidhyaraj” In Indore , also MAN Group has purchased “0007” @ Rs 3Lakh, “0011” was sold @ INR 2Lakh . This bidding was going on till late night and got a huge response by Indorians. 

RTO has just opened a new series “MP 09 CS” this month. 

इंदौर अजब है …सबसे गज़ब है …

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