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Cycling 3,000KM’s from Indore to Chennai

माईक्रोसॉफ्ट  , गूगल और भी कई आई टी जाएंट्स ने इन्दोरी आकाश को अपने यहाँ इनवाईट क्या है …क्यों और कैसे पढ़ें … Name: Aakash Mishra Work : Cycling 🙂  Age: 20 Yrs. Education: Bachelor’s in Business Administration. Hometown: Indore, Madhya Pradesh. Parents: Single Parent Child; live with Mother Mrs.Rani Mishra. …

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Indore Police Static PCR VANS at 5 places for “Safe Indore” – An Initiative

INDORE POLICE INITIATIVE :  PCR VANs at 5 Static and strategic places  INDORE POLICE INITIATIVE :  PCR VANs at 5 Static and strategic places Police, often known as the “Public Servant’, are always a sense of relief during our bad times. It is them whom we first call when we …

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पद्म श्री जनक दीदी (बहाई) को इंदौर रत्न सम्मान 2015

पद्म श्री जनक दीदी (बहाई) – इंदौर रत्न सम्मान 2015  डॉ. जनक पलटा मगिलिगन उनका पूरा नाम है, मगर वे लोगों के बीच जनक दीदी के नाम से मशहूर हैं। वर्ष 2015 में उन्हें सामाजिक कार्यों के लिए पद्‍मश्री सम्मान से अलंकृत किया गया। 1948 में पंजाब की माटी में …

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Hi..Maggi is back…..Get ready for the 2 Minutes taste again

भिया मैगी वापस आ गई ……. The Bombay High Court on Thursday lifted the ban on Nestle India’s Maggi noodles, which was withdrawn from the market following India’s food regulator’s order. The HC has asked Nestle to send fresh samples for testing at accredited labs. If those tests are clear, Nestle …

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Every Indori is A True fan of Sarabhai vs Sarabhai …are you ?

1. Roshesh’s poem are still your favorite. You even remember a few, by heart. 2. Madhusudhan phuphaji’s “Hain?”. Enough said! 3. You miss Dushyant’s love for gadgets and “I’ll explain!” 4. You love Monisha’s bargaining skills as much as we do! 80% discount on Ganguram dantmanjan.. ROFL! 5. And, you …

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13 Things Indori Girls Look Forward To At Their Best Friends Wedding

1. Looking Your Best Well, who really comes after the bride? Yes, its the Best Friend! 2. The Endless Partying Because, these are the certified days for you to get Talli! 3. The Groom’s Friends Attention everybodyyyy! 4. The Cheat Days Scoopwhoop You can eat deliciously sinful khaana without having …

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