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प्रांशु दुबे – Inspiring Young Photographer & Entrepreneur from Indore

Pranshu Dubey, Founder and CEO, Pixeldo

His Passion was Photography and he has changed it to his profession.

प्रांशु ने फोटोग्राफी में प्रयोग किये और एरिअल, पैनोरोमिक, वीडियोज़ आदि में कोर्पोरेट जगत में एक नया बिज़नस मार्केट बनाया …

इंदौर के युवाओं को प्रांशु की कार्यशैली, लगातार फोकस रहकर कार्य करना और अवसरों को तलाशना जैसी स्किल को सीखना चाहिए |

प्रांशु, इंदौर में युवा स्टार्ट-अप्स के लिए एक सफलता की कहानी है , ज़रूर फॉलो करें इस इंस्पाइरिंग यूथ को …  

City Boy Pranshu Dube has shown to the world that th determination and contact and conscious efforts will sure take you towards huge success. Pranshu has started his career from Indore and now doing it worldwide.

Pranshu has finished his master’s from National Institute of Design, Ahmedabad. His expertise are in areas of Aerial Photography and interior / exterior photography for hospitality and real estate infrastructure. Pranshu enjoys taking up unique projects and loves travelling .

एरिअल व्यू – होलकर क्रिकेट स्टेडियम, इंदौर

He started his own venture PixelDo Interactive media ltd. which is an Indian agency specializing in the ground breaking use of digital photography and social media. Pixel Do develops interactive media projects and panoramic photography. PixelDo has become one of the most experienced, recognized and trusted media company in the industry.

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ड्रोन- आचार्य

Pranshu is an avid traveller and enjoys the occasional break from works to rich cultural and heritage locations. He has also helped developed department of science and technology, Govt. of India sponsored digital Hampi project by using his unique panorama style to capture the beautiful relics of the temple.

With the latest fleet of Drone and Cameras he is shooting almost every top properties of India.


Pranshu Dube founded “PixelDo Media” is one of the best Aerial Photography service provider is an Indian agency specializing in the use of ground breaking digital technology.

He is  pioneer in Professional Drone Photography and Videography. Our specialty includes still images, interactive 360° panoramas and aerial videos shot through latest cameras and industrial drones.

Pranshu is passionate about the real estate and hospitality sector. His aim is to innovate continuously and serve the best products that enhance the experience of your properties.

He bring photography and technology together , to create premium quality, high-definition and enriching user experiences.

Pranshu feels proud to say that he is among the first to create, virtual tours, giant Gigapixel images, immersive 360-degree panoramic photographs, high definition aerial videos and virtual reality based interactive media for various business sectors.

Pranshu @ Work

The gamut of projects done by us has made PixelDo Media an experienced, recognized and trusted rich media company with over 5 years of industry work experience said Prasnhu.

PixelDo is also providing interactive solutions for tourism industry, primary industries, journalism and sports media agencies.


Hi recent work of Udaipur Arial shoot is quite famous and got viral.


Young and passionate photographers can contact Pranshu for guidance and he is always ready to help upcoming talents and photographers.

Bests of Luck to Pranshu, and hope Pranshu will soon do a great Arial video shoot for Indore and Oh! Indore too 😉 ..


Pranshu can be contacted at :

Mailing Address

404, Grace Pinnacle.

Off Dadabhai Cross Rd,Tape Village,

Andheri West, Mumbai 400058

Web: |

Phone:  +91 8511868083


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