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Learn to make Organic and Natural Holi Colors with Janak didi

आर्गेनिक  होली जनक दीदी के साथ 

Indore is started getting colored and ready for HOLI….

Janak Palta Mcgilligan at her Jimmy Mcgilligan Centre is also ready to help our Smart city people to teach how to make Organic and Natural colors on this holy with available Fruits, Flowers and vegetable, which are not only healthy but eco-friendly and a great contribution to the nature by one responsible citizen. 

Being a Baha’i, Janak didi is always dedicated to serve humanity and nation. She is organizing this unique campaign since 2014 at Sanavadiya. 

Its a 8 Days workshop and daily different groups, individuals can contact and reach her to learn it and spread this noble cause. 

Beat root, Tesu, Palash, Orange other localy available eatables can be used to prepare them. 


Training is free of cost but by prior appointment on phone 09425032935 /with Dr Mrs Janak Palta McGilligan by email This training for the whole week is open for all interested individuals (men women) students, groups, organizations/ institutions whoever wants to learn to prepare the organic colors with solar /alternative sources of Energy .

Main objective of this training is to save the environment and health of people by empowering them with knowledge and skills of making natural colours and so that they can also earn money , and become smart entrepreneurs of Indore to make it a smart citizens and they can really enjoy the festivals of colours with Happy Holi .

She can be contacted at +91 98937 19609 | 


Last year also Janak Didi had organised this workshop and hundreds of Indoris and nearby city people have attended this and benefited. School kids must  also go in groups.  This will also sustain the Indian rich culture of healthy and eco-friendly festivals.

Team oh Indore

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