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6th Solar Cookers International (SCI) World Conference in Vadodra , India, Jan 16-18, 2017

6th Solar Cookers International (SCI)

World Conference, Gujarat, India,

Jan 16-18, 2017

“Imagine a woman who cooks a meal for her family over a wood fire, breathing thick clouds of smoke while she stirs the pot. She and her children breathe this thick smoke for hours every day – the equivalent of smoking 400 cigarettes per hour,” said “When you multiply her activity by billions of meals every day, you realize to the life-changing difference solar cooking makes,” said Greene.

“Breathing polluted air is a violence against women,” said Dr. Mrs. Janak Palta McGilligan, renowned in India for her extensive social work with indigenous girls. “More than 500 solar cookers are in use in Madhya Pradesh (central India).

Women who solar cook are pioneers of new technologies making a difference to the lives of their people,” said McGilligan.



Conference dates :

6th Solar Cookers International (SCI) World Conference in Vadodra , India, Jan 16-18, 2017.



Pre-Conference programs @ Indore 

Julie Greene, Executive Director of Solar Cookers International (SCI) is directly coming from Sacramento to Indore during  Jan11 -14 ,2017 and be Chief Guest of series of  Solar Cooking programmes organized by Jimmy McGilligan Centre For Sustainable Development .


Cooker Launch :

They will launching of a new Solar  Cooker made by  Deval Verma  (a mechanical engineer and metal artist of Indore  ) , product design intern at Jimmy McGilligan Centre for Sustainable Development , working under the supervision of  Dr Mrs Janak Palta McGilligan . 

The inventor of this cooker Prof. Celestino Rodrigues Ruivo,Department of Mechanical Engineering, Institute of Engineering of University of Algarve; Campus da Penha Faro, Portugal will give the live demonstration of the Cooker.

Prof. Ruivo will also deliver lecture at, IIT Indore and Prgaya Girls School as well as Slum children of  ‘ ‎Participative Development Initiative ‘,local NGO. Mrs Julie Greene will also come for post conference consultations with the Conference Secretary about advancing the solar cooking in India .Pro Celistino and Julie Greene will stay with Janak Palta  McGilligan at her residence/centre in Sanawadiya.


Who all are coming to this conference 

More than 40 presenters from 19 countries will present their innovative discoveries in solar cooking work. Conference topics will include refugee camp solar cooker projects, an evaluation standard for solar cookers that can help both rural women and the United Nations High Commission on Refugees (UNHCR) ; processing and drying food post-harvest with solar cookers, entrepreneurship, advocacy, micro-finance, coalition building, industrial solar food processing, applications; adoption and impact data, analysis, reporting; sustainable field projects; marketing; cross-sector involvement; and supporting solar thermal energy policy.on people lacked access to clean or modern energy for cooking. The global solar cooking movement is helping to change that.          



They will go together to Vadodra on January 14,2017, for the 6th world Conference on Solar Cooking to be held at Muni Seva Ashram 16-18. 2017 where world’s most influential solar cooking experts – scientists, entrepreneurs, policy makers, educators, field project managers from more than 25 countries – will share their transformative work in a living green technologies ..


Post Conference activities 

Following a conference a real life experience  to an incredible variety of solar powered cooking  systems in India.  

The tour starts  from  Muni Seva Ashram to Tapi foods in Surat  a  Food processing unit of Ghanshyam Lukhi , run with “ Solar Steam System”  Dr. Ajay Chandak and Rahul Kularni in Dhule to see  manufacturing of Scheffler and other solar systems  dishes like PRINCE,solar dryers.

On 21 st January  more than 50 of these solar Cooking experts will  come all the way to village Sanawadiya   Jimmy McGilligan Centre for Sustainable Development  and an organic farm ,established by Dr. Janak Palta McGilligan that has world’s   12 different types of Solar Cookers and a Solar PV Power plant hybrid with wind where the power is generated not only for themselves but is also supplied to village nearby to light street lights.


Jevik Stu: Farmer’s market, Bicholi, Indore

On Jan 22, 2017, They will visit  organic out let in Indore Jaivik Setu and  then to  Barli Development Institute for Rural Women where  Jimmy McGilligan installed the first largest Solar Community Kitchen with  Scheffler  dishes and solar storage system in 1998 for direct cooking and also India’s only heat storage system. The Institute trains tribal girls in various skills for their empowerment.  About 7,500 girls have received training during the last 32 years. Dr. Janak McGilligan Palta founder director of this Institute, will personally accompany the participants.  Mrs Tahera Jadhav is the Director  and Mr Yogesh Jadhav the CEO will give them a tour of  the Barli Development Institute for Rural Women.

Indore Participation:

This will be the first  International Conference in India where more than 50 participants specially visiting Indore will be served Organically home grown and Solar Cooked  lunch on both days at Jimmy McGilligan Centre and Barli Institute.

More than 15 persons will participate from Indore including Pro Ashish Dubey .Mrs  Anuradha Dubey,,Mechanical Engineering students and Graduates, Uday Bhole Deputy CEO of Jaivik Setu and Scintech- Ecofoundation , Youths interested in the area of Solar Cooking Technologies.There are 4 volunteers from Indore.  Deval Verma and Varun Raheja will also contribute.

 Pro R. L Sawhney former head of School,of Energy and Environment DAVV,Indore , will be the key note speaker .

Dr Mrs. Janak Palta McGilligan will also be one of the main speakers on “  Promoting Solar Cooking Technologies by Integrating Organic Food and All Other Products for accomplishing Sustainable Development Goals: the Way Forward”

Janak Palta McGilligan sees Indore the best potential to become a smart city using solar processing and related technologies for Food Parks, Namkeen Clusters and  Organic farmers in particular and all the landbased agro/herbal/natural cleaning and cosmetics  products as well developing solar Cooking devices in a big way.


Best of luck team Indore …


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