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Tedx IIM Indore: Inscriptions on Sand Erased by the Waves of Change

IIM Indore’s Industry Interaction Cell organised TEDx IIM Indore on  June 26, 2016. The theme of the event was ‘Inscriptions on Sand’ to ignite the spark of curiosity, innovation and bringing about ‘waves of change’. Distinguished speakers from diverse backgrounds like theatre, corporate, Fin-tech and Space Research gave insightful talks and inspired the audience.

The event was inaugurated by Professor Ganesh Kumar Nidugala, Dean (Academic) who gave insights on economic impacts of technology revolution. Ms.  Anu Vaidyanathan, the first Asian participant to finish the Ultraman Canada Triathlon talked about her new book, ‘Anywhere but Home’ a memoir of her life in sports. She emphasised the importance of giving second chances to life and keeping the positivity intact even through rough times.


Guinness Book record holder Mr. Navin Guliya, an ex-army officer who got injured at the age of 22 but did not stop and kept pursuing his passion; gave a very inspiring talk about learning from failures and using them as a step
ping stone of success. He discussed the importance of earning one’s own respect and throwing oneself in situations where not performing is not an option.

Mr. Vijay Padaki, renowned management trainer and playwright gave eye opening insights about sustainability and our species’ responsibility towards the entire ecosystem. He explained the consumption syndrome that our generation is suffering from and how the threshold level of satiation for human beings keeps on rising with many examples from his theatre-in learning education programme.


Mr. Satyanshu Singh, a screenwriter and director from the film industry shared anecdotes from his life talked about finding that ‘Essential Ingredient of your Life Changing Moment’.  He recited his poems which were featured in the movie ’Udaan’ and talked about the struggle of chasing brilliance and leaving mediocrity behind.


Mr. Abhishant Pant, a transaction banking professional talked about his 100 day cashless journey to understand the reach of financial inclusion in India. He spoke about the revolution that Fintech companies are bringing in to empower the lower income sections of the society. He emphasised the importance of digital money to help the bottom of the economic pyramid.

Ms. Swapna Sunder, the MD and CEO of IP Dome, (a company she founded in 2008) talked about the necessary intersection of the law, the lab and the market. She spoke about how the knowledge of the market is essential in the copyright and patent domains.

The concluding talk was given by Padma Shree Dr. V. Adimurthy , who was the Chairman of the Mars Mission study team that conceptualised India’s Mars Orbiteer Mission. He gave many examples of scientists and thinkers who thought ahead of their time when other people found their views to be utopian. He quoted Tagore, Tolstoy, Vikram Sarabhai and Einstein to motivate the students to innovate and think beyond what’s feasible.

The speakers were felicitated with mementos by the Industry Interaction Cell and the guests left with insights and ideas about various realms of life that are worth sharing.

Source : IIM Press Release

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