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Every Indori is A True fan of Sarabhai vs Sarabhai …are you ?

1. Roshesh’s poem are still your favorite.

You even remember a few, by heart.

2. Madhusudhan phuphaji’s “Hain?”. Enough said!

3. You miss Dushyant’s love for gadgets and “I’ll explain!”

4. You love Monisha’s bargaining skills as much as we do!

80% discount on Ganguram dantmanjan.. ROFL!

5. And, you felt sorry for Sahil, for being sane and stuck between the two women.

6. You think “popat kaka ki aatma” is the best shradhanjali song ever.

7. You have even secretly wished to watch “uska pati sirf mera hai”

8. Of course, you enjoyed Maya’s sophisticated behavior and meanness to Monisha.

9. You watch reruns of the series on YouTube.

10. It’s been eight years since the show went off air, but you are still waiting for the season two.

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