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13 Things Indori Girls Look Forward To At Their Best Friends Wedding

1. Looking Your Best

Well, who really comes after the bride? Yes, its the Best Friend!

2. The Endless Partying

Because, these are the certified days for you to get Talli!

3. The Groom’s Friends

Attention everybodyyyy!

4. The Cheat Days


You can eat deliciously sinful khaana without having to think twice!

5. The Dance Performance

The one publicity moment you waited all your life for.

6. Shopping And Some More Shopping

You shop your heart out. That too Guilt-free!

7. Revisiting Memories Together

You know you are going to miss her too much.

8. The Shaadi Fun

Because these will serve as your memories for a lifetime.

9. Adventure Rush

The perfect time to try that secret adventure you guys always wanted to !

10. The Compliment Showers

This is the only reason you took so much pain matching your lehenga with that perfect lipstick shade.

11. Inside Jokes

Perfect opportunity to tease your bestie about the rituals she made fun of.

12. Finale Fun

You get to cross all levels of madness with her. One last time!

13. Picturing Yourself As The Next Bride-To-Be

Admit it. You picture this more than one time in your head.

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