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Deval’s Metal Buddha – NIRVANA

NIRVANA – By Deval’s Metal Marvels

Indore based Metal artist Deval Verma’s latest creation…..NIRVANA – Metal Buddha 

The face inspired from Buddha giving it a divine feel, Deval Says ..

Made up of nuts, giving it a character of a bee hive. One of the best example of structural design in nature, which sustains the whole life cycle of a bee. Using the nuts for the face also signifies the fact that everything in the universe is made up of minute entities connected together.


Deval’s Metal Marvels -The continuity of the forehead to the nose is inspired from the Greek gods, adding a sense of power. -Closed big eyes signifying intensity and peace.

ATTRIBUTES: -Peace of mind –Enlightened -Organic -Eternal -Continuity -Ornate -Intense -Blissful -Divine

DIMENSIONS: Height- 41inches Width- 31inches Depth- 10inches



THE PROCESS MOULDING: -A solid sculpture of the face was made out of paper mache and plaster of paris weighing around 110kg. -Making a mould of the same sculpture using plaster of Paris and wires.

FABRICATION: FINISHING: -Arrangement of around 4000 nuts inside the mould. Using hit and trial method to achieve the best possible arrangement. -Each nut welded individually, almost 10,000 welds in the whole sculpture. Each nut is individually cleaned by the drill and hammered to ensure the strength. Powder coated with matte black.

Hats off to Deval…Keep it up…Team ….

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