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Indore Police Static PCR VANS at 5 places for “Safe Indore” – An Initiative

INDORE POLICE INITIATIVE :  PCR VANs at 5 Static and strategic places 

INDORE POLICE INITIATIVE :  PCR VANs at 5 Static and strategic places

Police, often known as the “Public Servant’, are always a sense of relief during our bad times. It is them whom we first call when we are in trouble. With the world moving advancing at a steady pace; the police department are trying their best to stay a step ahead from the evil wrong doers and to protect the citizens and all those who visit this great city of  Devi Ahiliya Bai; INDORE.


In this Picture ASP Surendra Singh Gaur Explaining Duties and daily briefing to the PCR team.

The Police Department have Indore have taken the initiative and have strengthen their PCR( Police Control Room) force by adding five staticpolice vans, that would be placed at those spots where the activities do not stop even late at night. These 5 static vans are an additional to the 11 PCRvan that are already circulating our city, forming an outer ring and guiding us throughout the night.

This initiative has been taken by the Police Department to bring about a sense of security for the people who travel late at night, and for those who are new to the city and seek help. The places where these 5 static police van would be placed are among the most popular and highly dense populated areas; they are,

  1. Bijasan Square, Aero drum Road.
  2. Palasia Square.
  3. SGSITS Square.
  4. Mhow Naka.
  5. Rasoma Laboratory.
  6. Regal Square.

You can also contact the Police control room at 0731- 2522500 or 0731- 2522501. There is a dedicated control room especially for this operation.

The presence of Police plays a vital role in not only maintaining a sense of discipline in the city, but also a establishes a sense of security among the citizens of the city. We are proud to be guarded by such capable hands.

We the team of Oh! Indore on behalf of every citizen of this city, want to thank the Police Department of Indore for taking this initiative and pledge to support them in this in every way we can.

Daily Night 7.30 Pm to Morning 6.30 AM PCR Vans will be guarding and serving Indore Citizens .


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