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New Tourist Spot “Hanuwantiya” by MP Tourism

Hanuwantiya by MP Tourism

Latest tourism property by MP Tourism 


JAL MAHOTSAV,12th to 21st February 2016.

A visual and experiential spectre of art and activities…


In Sanskrit, Narmada means ‘the giver of pleasure’. And the river Narmada truly lives up to its name. Originating in Amarkantak, the river is 1300 km long and is also the longest East-West flowing river in India. The river is abode to the oldest known human fossils, world heritage sites and many important chapters in history. Earlier known as Rewa (which means ‘A new beginning’ in Sanskrit) and Mekalsuta, the river Narmada is now also popularly known as the lifeline of Madhya Pradesh. And this lifeline of the State is about to take a turn.

To celebrate the river that makes Madhya Pradesh what it is today, A visual and experiential spectre of art and activities Madhya Pradesh Tourism is initiating a truly unique and mega annual event – Jal Mahotsav. The primary objective of this event is to spark the festivities that become a tradition across generations. This incredible and unique celebration will also serve to reinforce Madhya Pradesh as one of the most sought after travel and leisure destinations in India.


Come, Splash !!!

  • Wind Surfing
  • Parasailing
  • Water Skiing
  • Jet Skiing
  • Banana Ride
  • Water Zorbing
  • Motor Boat
  • Cruise Boat





Water, Water every where…

  • Bird Watching
  • Treasure Hunt
  • Trekking
  • Night Camping





Scale the heights of the sky and have an aerial view of the water below…


  • Hot Air Ballooning
  • Parasailing
  • Para motoring
  • Star Gazing







Unleash your valiant side…


  • Burma Bridge
  • Artificial Climbing Wall
  • Tyre Swing
  • Net walk
  • Rope drill





Beginning on February, 12th 2016, this 10 day event will bring forward an opportunity to experience the colourful customs and rich traditions of the tribes that prevail on the banks of the river. Through local art, craft, folk music, dance and cuisines, one will be able to experience the true local flavor of the State. For the adrenaline junkies, this will be one action-packed joyride taking them from one thrilling adventure sport to another. And for the art nomads, on offer would be the cultural treat and enigma. So gear up for this truly distinct festivity of India!

This yearly mega event around Madhya Pradesh’s water reservoir is about to begin. The event is steadily gaining form in the oasis of tranquility at Hanuwantiya in the Khandwa District. The surreal explosion of adventure sports and cultural extravaganza over the serene and ethereal landscape of Indira Sagar is perhaps the perfect juxtaposition reminding us to cherish life to the fullest.


The picturesque backdrop entices one with the promise of fun, excitement and adventure. Come aboard with your friends or make it an opportunity to bring your family closer. Either way, with a mélange of mesmerizing events and heart thumping adventure, Jal Mahotsav is sure to leave an eternal impression on your heart.

Madhya Pradsh Tourism – The heart of incredible India is awaiting your presence.


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