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300 से ज्यादा टाईपराइटर्स का अद्भुत म्यूजियम इंदौर के एक घर में – राजेश शर्मा जी के पास

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 टाईपराइटर का अद्भुत कलेक्शन और शौक 

श्री राजेश शर्मा जी , अंकित एडवरटाईजिंग


A typewriter museum that would boast of century old machines is taking shape in Indore, efforts of Rajesh Sharma, Founder of an Advertising company in Indore and a typewriter enthusiast.




As a child, Rajesh Sharma (Famous and knowns as “Pappo ji” in his circle )was always surrounded with typewriters as his father Madhav Prasad ran a typewriting shop outside the district court along MG Road. He was interested in fine arts. “My late father and elder brother Bhanu Prakash allowed me to pursue a course in fine arts. That’s why I want to dedicate the typewriter museum to them,” said Sharma, a partner in Ankit Advertising firm.


अब गिफ्ट में भी टाइपराइटर ही मिलते हैं , जापान से आया ये नायब तोहफा…


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Currently Sharmaji  has around 300  typewriters most of which were gifted by his friends and relatives. Ask him why he wants to set up a museum, he says, “Typewriters will be lost to coming generations. Germany and England take great pains to preserve their machines for posterity; I want to do the same in Indore.”

His collection includes a century- old machine that has carriage (where paper is rolled for typing) return handle on the side of the keyboard. In other typewriters, it is fixed next to the carriage. The typewriter made by Ideal, a German firm in 1900, weighs 17 kilograms.


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A 1934 typewriter which has 26-inch long carriage is also part of his enviable collection. The broad carriage machines were used for making broader tabulation charts, accounts which contains several columns. Made by Underwood Company ( US), its carriage runs on a sleek metal tube instead of the usual flat metallic plates called track.

“It’s a rare piece as one doesn’t get to see typewriters with 26-inch long carriages,” said Sharma ji .


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Rajesh Sharmaji hopes to acquire a good collection by 2014 after which he would look for a public place to set up the museum. “Besides typewriters, the museum will have on display typewriter accessories, history of typewriters, early advertisements of machines, film songs, film scenes associated with typewriters, machines most favoured by writers, film stars etc,” he said.

His collection includes a Remington typewriter made between 1938 and 1942, a sleek Olympia machine made in 1940-1950 and a 1940 Olivetti piece. The piece has Olivetti written in Hindi, which was a marketing tactic by the Italian company to sell typewriters in India. The machines in his possession were made between 1900 and 1962.

If any one wants to share/ donate his unique or antique typewriter to this museum can contact Pappu ji at following address :




’Chandramadhav’  38 Akshaydeep Colony, 

MR-9, A. B. Road, Indore -452 010 (M.P.) India 

Phone: (91) 930-133-8002  E: |


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