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कैसे बनाया फिर से “नीरजा’ का प्लेन PAN-AM – फ्लाईट 73

पूरा का पूरा हवाई जहाज़ बनाना पड़ा राम माधवानी को”नीरजा’ के लिए वो भी ४८ दिन में कैसे देखे ये विडियो…

Ram Madhvani’s set of the plane came together like a puzzle. It normally takes years to build a plane, but this one was built in merely 48 days. Watch this challenging  process here.

Amitabh Bachchan said :“Ram Madhvani made a film ‘Neerja’ which was seen today…stunning! How did he ever make this film with such reality…the process, the management, the execution…all…impeccable…yes the praise for artists is always there but at times such as these, the best performance comes from the maker and here Ram needs all praise.”

See here in this video

Awesome work Ram and team……


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