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Phantom Movie : No crackle, only fizz..2 Star Review

No crackle, only fizz

Saif Ali Khan and Katrina Kaif starrer Phantom started off on a average note for the morning shows. It has shown a occupancy of around 25% at the multiplexes.

Overall, the film has started off decently in cities but mass circuits have recorded a lower occupancy. Usually most films make a good business in Mumbai, Pune and Gujarat circuits but due to unrest in Gujarat, theaters are shut and hence the opening there will be affected. Cities such as Mumbai, Delhi, Bangalore on the other hand are expected to show a jump for the evening shows.

The last Bollywood outing to Pakistan, crafted by Kabir Khan, involved a naïve lover of Hanuman, who was a little thick between the ears but had a lot of heart. Parts of ‘Bajrangi Bhaijaan’ were cheerfully subversive, cheeky, and fresh and helped us sail through the film. The director is back with another fairy-tale of an Indian conquering the world (read the war-torn areas of the Middle East which are basically used as conduits to where the film wants to get; yes, Pakistan again) and this time around there is, disappointingly, no crackle, only fizz.

He casts a Nawab and a mannequin.

Phantom could never have been a great film.

Based on a book called Mumbai Avengers, it was always going to be an unsubtle work of jingoistic finger-pointing, a film that suggests that intelligence agencies securing a nation should blindly rush into eye-for-an-eye territory.

Yet while it remains a work of immature, even irresponsible wish-fulfillment, that in itself does not keep it from being a passable actioner.

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