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Indore to Bhutan – Hitch-hiking by Aakash Ranison

By the Pen of Aakash Ranison to 


About the trip

I plan to go on a 5,000+ kms, 45 Days long Hitchhiking & Cycling trip to Bhutan. I will Hitchhike from Indore, Madhya Pradesh to Siliguri, West Bengal and then I will start cycling from Siliguri, West Bengal towards Bhutan and back. I aim to cycle approx 1,500 kms and visit over 5 NGO and 5 Institutes of Bhutan during my 15 days long stay in Bhutan.

What is hitchhiking?

Hitchhiking is an interesting means of travel in which you reach your destination by getting free lifts in passing vehicles. When you hitchhike you travel with unknown people in their vehicles, without constraints of time and comfort, but learn in return a lot about these normal everyday people, their thoughts and cultures. And Yes! It’s a free ride.

Why Hitchhiking

To discover, learn, network, explore and experience. While hitch-hiking I meet a lot of local people and I get time to talk to them and listen to their stories and experiences, I get to learn more about language, business, people, their mindset and problems. I get good and bad experiences that prepare me for future. And most importantly it’s free!


Why Cycling?

When I say I love travelling, it means I love each and every part of travelling and as once Ralph Waldo Emerson said: “Life is a journey, not a destination.” So I believe in enjoying the journey as much as my destination.

From my childhood I enjoyed cycling but back in 2013 is when I took to a different level. I cycled from Indore to Delhi. Prior to this, cycling was around Indore daily for joy.

I love to cycle regularly and especially on highways. I feel alive while cycling. It boosts my confidence, strength, courage, power, health. I think the best part about cycling is I get to observe the landscape minutely and I get to spend time with myself, I discover myself while I cycle. While cycling I stop at a lot of remote places and interact with people. I think it is very difficult to visit and interact with people from small hinterlands and villages otherwise. They are very humble and differently wise. They make me relook at life and ways many times.



Why Bhutan?

It’s been two years I have been travelling (Hitchhiking & Cycling) in India. I have been to more than 80 known cities and countless villages. So, 2 months back while I was in between Himalayas I decided to cross the borders and start travelling outside the country.

I decided that I should go to any neighboring county and I found Bhutan as the best place to visit as my 1st international trip.

Bhutan is a fantastic country, full of natural beauty and cultural history. It is the only country where Happiness is used to measure the development of the country, the one country which truly cares about it’s environment and their responsibility towards mother nature, by keeping 70% land under forest cover at all times. I consider Bhutan as a nation and Bhutanese very inspiring and consider it a fantastic opportunity to learn from them and imbibe my lessons in my life and in lives of people I touch.

The Cause

In last few days I studies a lot about Bhutan and found that there is no such problem as: Education, Health Care, Environment, Women Security, etc but I came across few point which made me feel that there is a need to inspire people to innovate and bring their ideas in front of the whole world and give them a chance to make there dream come true.

Being a Travelpreneur, Socialpreneur and Entrepreneur I always work towards making my dream a reality and I know the feeling of working on a dream project. So I decided to choose “Entrepreneurship” as my cause to promote in my Bhutan Trip.

Action Plan:

Throughout this trip my sole mission will be promoting and enabling entrepreneurs. I will be visiting many Organizations, Institutes, Companies, NGOs for interactive session in which I will be sharing my experience and will be listing to their ideas and problems.

Partners in Bhutan:

  1. Loden Foundation
  2. Bhutan Foundation
  3. BAOWE


Specifications about my ride:

  • Total Distance +5,000KM’s (Hitchhiking & Cycling)
    • Cycling: +1,500KM’s Start and Endpoint: Siliguri, India and covering Bhutan
    • Hitchhiking: +3,500KM’s Start and Endpoint – Indore, MP to Siliguri, West Bengal and Back.
  • Schedule-Date-Travel & Stay:
    • 1st December 2015 – 15th December 2015 :  Hitchhiking to Siliguri.
    • 15th December 2015 – 5th January 2016: Stay & local Travel in Bhutan & Back to India.
    • 5th January 2016: Starting Hitchhiking back towards Indore from siliguri.

In Short: +5,000KM’s (Hitchhiking & Cycling) : India – Bhutan : 45 Days : Travelpreneur : Promoting Entrepreneurship

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